One aspect of BEA and BBC that truly makes the event worthwhile is the opportunity to meet blogging friends face-to-face and get to know them outside of the blogging world.  However, just because we are not able to truly meet each other in real life, that does not mean we cannot get to know one another better!  As part of the interview portion of the Armchair BEA, we have decided to make it as close to networking as possible; therefore, we have created a round-robin version of interviews.  Each person who signed up to participate will interview one person and will be interviewed by someone completely different.  To make it even more interesting, you will have to hunt a bit for the person's e-mail address.  Check out their blog and learn a little about them before you start the interview process.

As for the interview itself, it does not have to be about books only.  Now's your time to get to know your interviewee.  By the time you are finished, you should have made a new friend, or two!  Who knows?  Maybe you will not have to wait until next year's BEA/BBC to meet each other in real life!

Listed below are the 2011 Interview assignments. Please feel free to contact Michelle with any questions or concerns about your assignment!