2016 Sponsors & Giveaways

Welcome to Armchair BEA Sponsored Giveaways!

This is the place to see all the wonderful giveaways we have planned for this amazing event thanks to our amazing sponsors! Throughout the event we will be asking participants to create posts related to BEA and the BEA Blogger Conference topics and events. Each day we will be randomly selecting, from the group of participants for the day, winners who will be able to chose from the list of giveaways below.  In addition, we will have special prizes available during the scheduled Twitter parties, the Instagram Challenge, and for our awesome commenters.  In addition, we will likely have special daily giveaways as we have had in previous years.

To avoid confusion, there will also be a day during the week in which participants will be able to host their own giveaways, on their own sites, and then link up here (LINK COMING SOON!) at the Armchair BEA site. The prizes listed below are separate from that day and will be handled by the admins of Armchair BEA.

Armchair BEA 2010-2015 was such a success that we'd love to have more publishers/publicists/authors participate. If  you would like to sponsor a giveaway for Armchair BEA 2016 please complete our Sponsor Form OR email armchairbea {at} gmail {dot} com Subject: Sponsored Giveaway.

Special Note:  Armchair BEA has no opinions on these items listed.  All items have been donated and sponsors have not paid for placement on Armchair BEA.  

Updated: March 21, 2016

Featured Giveaways 

(Coming the week of Armchair BEA!)

Sponsored Giveaways 
(For the daily giveaways the week of Armchair BEA)

US Only

-Bite Somebody, Paperback
Paperbacks US Only, Ebooks INT

- Paperback Prize Pack including: The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 1: Learning the Life,  The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 2: Love in the Life, and The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 3: Leaving the Life, Paperback (1 set)
- Ebook Prize Pack including: The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 1: Learning the Life,  The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 2: Love in the Life, and The Spicy Secrets of a Jet Set Temptress Part 3: Leaving the Life, Ebooks (1 set)
Paperbacks US Only, Ebooks International

-Calico, Signed Paperback
-Elsa, Signed Paperback
-Bailey's Revenge, Signed Paperback
-Reflections: Poems and Stories, Signed Paperback 
-Short Stories Pack including: The Legacy, Who is the Real John Wilkes Booth, & The Lady of Wild Rose Pass, Ebook (10 copies)
-Calico, Ebook (10 copies)
-Elsa, Ebook (10 copies)
-Bailey's Revenge, Ebook (10 copies)
-Reflections: Poems and Stories, Ebook (10 copies)

 Deborah Coontz
Paperbacks US Only, Ebooks INT

- Paperback Bundle including: Wanna Get Lucky?, Lucky Stiff, So Damn Lucky, Lucky Bastard, Lucky Catch, and Lucky Break - Books #1-6 in The Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure Series, (1 set)  
- Crushed (The Heart of Napa #1), Paperback (1 copy)
- Ebook Bundle including:  Wanna Get Lucky?, Lucky Stiff, So Damn Lucky, Lucky Bastard, Lucky Catch, and Lucky Break - Books #1-6 in The Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure Series, (1 set)  
- Crushed (The Heart of Napa #1), Ebook(1 copy) 
Bette Lee Crosby 
INT Giveaway
-Ebook Prize Pack including: Spare Change, Jubilee's Journey, Passing through Perfect, The Twelfth Child, Previously Loved Treasures, Wishing for Wonderful, Memory House, The Loft, What the Heart Remembers, Baby Girl, Cracks in the Sidewalk, & What Matters Most, Ebooks

Dori Ann Dupre
US only
 -Scout's Honor, Paperback
- Scout's Honor, Ebook (2 copies)
Robert Eggleton
INT Giveaway

 - Rarity from the Hollow, Ebook (6 copies)
Lindsey Gray
Paperbacks US Only, Ebooks- INT
-Nerdy Girl Nation plus Nerdy Girl swag pack, Paperback 
-Nerdy Girl Nation, Ebook (3 copies)

Eliza Green
- Exilon 5 Series including: Becoming Human, Altered Reality, and Crimson Dawn, Ebook Box Sets (5 copies)
- Becoming Human, Signed Paperback & Swag (1 copy)

Jeff Gunhus
Paperbacks- US only, Ebooks- INT

-Night Chill, Paperback (1 copy)
-Killer Pursuit, Paperback (1 copy)
-Jack Templar Monster Hunter, Paperback (1 copy)
-Night Chill, Ebook (5 copies)
-Killer Pursuit, Ebook (5 copies)
-Jack Templar Monster Hunter, Ebook (5 copies)

Mike Hansen

- When Life Hands You A Lemon, Paperback (2 copies)

Danielle Jensen
INT Giveaway

- Audible Audiobook Prize Pack including: The Malediction Trilogy - Stolen Songbird, Hidden Huntress, and Warrior Witch, Audible Audiobooks, (2 winners)

Annie B. Kay MS RDN
US Only

- Yoga & Diabetes: Your Guide to a Safe and Effective Practice, Spiral Bound (1 copy)
- Every Bite is Divine: The Balanced Approach to Enjoying Eating, Feeling Happy and Healthy and Getting to a Weight that's Natural for You, Paperback (1 copy)
Jeffe Kennedy
Paperback US and Canada Only, Ebooks International

-The Pages of the Mind, Paperback (2 copies)
-Heart's Blood, Ebook (2 copies)
-For Crown and Kingdom by Grace Darven and Jeffe Kennedy, Ebook (2 copies)

Intisar Khanai
Print US Only, Ebooks INT

- Thorn, Print(1 copy)
- Sunbolt, Print (1 copy) 
-Thorn, Ebook (1 copy) 
- Prize Pack including Sunbolt and Memories of Ash, Ebooks (3 packs)
Elise Kova
INT Giveaway

-Grand Prize Pack: includes full signed paperback set of the Air Awakens series published to date - Air Awakens, Fire Falling, Earth's End, and Waters Wrath 
- Air Awakens plus Swag pack, Paperback (2 copies)
- Air Awakens, Signed Ebook (5 copies)  
TS Krupa
Paperback US Only, Ebooks International

- Safe and Sound (2014), Signed Paperback
- On the Edge (2015), Signed Paperback
- The Ten Year Reunion (2016), Ebook (3 copies)

Farah Oomerbhoy
Hardback US Only, Ebooks INT

- The Last of the Firedrakes, Hardback (1 copy)
- The Last of the Firedrakes, Ebook  (3 copies)
David O'Sullivan
US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand Only

- The Bomber, Ebook
Kristina Rienzi
Paperbacks US only, Ebooks International

- Choosing Evil, Signed Paperback (1 copy)
- Choosing Evil, Amazon Kindle Ebook (3 copies)
- Luring Shadows, Signed Paperback (1 copy)
- Luring Shadows Amazon Kindle Ebook (3 copies)
- Twisted, Signed Paperback (1 copy)
- Twisted, Amazon Kindle Ebook (3 copies)
- Winter Road, Signed Paperback (1copy)
- Winter Road, Amazon Kindle Ebook (3 copies) 
Holly Schindler
US Only
- Spark, Hardback
-Play It Again, Ebook   


-Swordfighting, for Writers, Game Designers, and Martial Artists by Guy Windsor with a foreword by Neal Stephenson, Hardback (3 copies)  

Angry Robot
INT Giveaway

- Book Bundles of Danielle L. Jensen's Malediction Trilogy, includes: Stolen Songbird, Hidden Huntress, and Warrior Witch, Paperback (3 winners)
-Book Bundles of Anna Kashina's Majat Code Trilogy, includes: Blades of the Old Empire, The Guild of Assassins, and Assassin Queen, Paperback (3 winners)

Candlewick Press
US or Canada Only
- Dan Versus Nature by Done Calame, Hardback (4 copies) - During BOOKCON
- Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner, ARC (4 copies)
- Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan, ARC (4 copies)
- Juana and Lucas by Juana Medina, ARC (4 copies) 

Chronicle Books
US or Canada Only

-->-YA/MG Prize Packs including: The Water and the Wild by K. E. Ormsbee, Hardcover; The Doorway and the Deep by K. E. Ormsbee, ARC; Hundred Percent by Karen Romano Young, ARC; Loving vs. Virginia by Patricia Hruby Powell, ARC; Secrets in the Snow by Michaela MacColl, ARC; Chronicle Books Tote (3 packs available)

Quirk Books
US (including PO Boxes)
-Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors and Trailblazers Who Changed History by Sam Maggs (On Sale: October 18, 2016), ARCs (15 copies)
- Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger (On Sale: June 7, 2016), Paperback (15 copies)
-My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix (On Sale: May 17, 2016), Hardback (15 copies)
One US and One Canada
 -One Advanced Rebellion Book Box to include: at least one brand new novel written by a fantastic, female author as well as a sampling of a few of our favourite teas, (because every book is made better with great tea to enjoy while you're reading!). 2-3 other treats will also be included in each shipment and might include stationary, themed snacks, or handmade goodies from some of our favourite Etsy shops. (2 boxes - one to a US winner, one to a Canadian winner - note this will ship in the fall a few weeks before official box release)
US Only   
- Grit by Angela Duckworth, read by the author, Audiobook (3 copies)
- Zero K by Don DeLillo, read by Thomas Sadoski, Audiobook (3 copies)
- Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat by Gary Paulsen, read by Kirby Heyborne, Audiobook (3 copies)
- Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee, read by Dennis Boutsikaris, Audiobook (3 copies)
- End of Watch by Stephen King, read by Will Patton, , Audiobook (3 copies - please note copies will not be sent until June)

US and Canada Only
- Sourcebooks Fire BEA ARC Pack, including: 1 Bone Witch promo item, 1 ARC of The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea  Sedoti, 1 ARC of Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova, 1 Finished copy of The Cellar by Natasha Preston, and 1 ARC of One Was Lost by Natalie (3 Winners)