Sunday, June 4, 2017

LIVE FROM BOOK EXPO: Book Expo and What It Means To Me

Two long days of lines, authors and of course books. My real journey began 31 days in advance when my great grandfather and I left home and started driving. We had amazing stops along the way like; White Sands, New Orleans, Nashville and Philadelphia. Just because the fun of Book Expo 2017 is over doesn't end our journey. We still have 27 days left on the road with Boston, Maine, Toronto and Montana ahead of us.

Day One of the expo was a whirlwind of excitement. I ran into Leigh Bardugo on the exhibit floor. Saw some old friends from previous years which was nice. There were galley drops that I wasn't expecting till the next day so was able to snag them then instead of later.

Day Two of the Expo was more relaxed and just involved wandering the floor while waiting to start the Wonder Woman line as well as Neil Patrick Harris. Finished my day chatting with a Penguin Random House publicist about a few upcoming titles then walked and got cupcakes from Made by Melissa (a delightful treat if you have the chance to try them)

Hope you enjoyed the awkward live streams on Facebook. I will still be posting #RoadToBookExpo photos over on my instagram for the next 27 days so be sure to keep in contact.

Enjoy the photo collages and until next time,
Books Buying Beauty

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