Thursday, June 1, 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Just the Right Fit

Just the Right Fit 
 By Chasity Tarantino 

Writing a novel is usually a very lonesome job. You sit at a desk by yourself with your own thoughts, figuring out where exactly you want this story you have playing out in your head to go. A lot of us authors feel like we are bearing parts of our souls when we share our stories with the world so it is easy to see why we would want it to be a solo job, but it is also very beneficial to do a collaboration. 

Over the years I have seen many big authors write together and have large success. Does that mean that the writing process is easy? No, the writing process is never easy. When you write alone it is not easy, when you write with another person it certainly is not easy. I have personally dabbled in a collaboration piece. While it is not published yet, I hope it will be one day when it is ready. My own is with two other authors, we get together to go over chapter outlines and then we write separately and then come back together to go over what each other has done. It can be extremely fun and yet frustrating. There are plenty of rewrites and disagreements, but so many brilliant ideas floating around. One thing is for sure in our group, each of us has strengths in genres that the others do not. For instance, I do not write high fantasy but one of my fellow authors does so she can really put a nice high fantasy spin on this story that I cannot. 

There are plenty of big names that have made waves with their collaborations. Recently in the indie world Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher wrote the Never Never series together and fans adored it. Colleen and Tarryn do not write the same genres so it was interesting to see what they would be able to come up with together. Not to mention it is widely known by fans that they are best friends and people were dying for them to write together, so I am not sure if that was something they had always intended on doing or they were just giving the people what they wanted. Either way, it worked because the books were great and they did very good. 

Another great thing about doing collaborations is that you can learn how another author's writing process is and see if something about their process works for you. It is always interesting for me to see how other people write their books. I like to see how people outline, brainstorming and coming up with the ideas for the story is one of my favorite parts of the process and it is always fun to see how others interact during that stage. 

Then there are Anthologies which are wonderful tools for huge author collaborations. You don’t necessarily interact one on one with the author/authors when you write for an anthology. This is more like a group effort where you submit your story with a bunch of other authors and then the short stories are all put into one big book. This is a great way to get your name out there and to be with all of your peers. I have had stories featured in two anthologies. 

It is very true that writing is a very private project and can be a window into your soul, but sometimes it is worth the risk to open that window just a bit more and let another author in. The reward will be worth the risk.


Chasity Tarantino is a contemporary romance author. She is obsessed with rockstars, coffee, and books. Not necessarily in that order either. Chasity’s short story, ‘Find Meaning Again’ was featured in Marfa House’s Christmas Anthology, The Magic of the Seasons. Marfa House also published 'Find Meaning Again' as a stand-alone eBook that you can find at your favorite online outlet in your preferred digital format. Her short stories ‘Wicked Fame’, 'Damaged', 'You're Still the One', and ‘No More Blood’ can also be found in your preferred digital format as eBooks. She lives in Indiana with her husband, Aaron and their Shih Tzu, Chloe. You can find more out about her books on her website and Facebook.

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