Friday, May 13, 2016

LIVE FROM BEA: One Little Fun Reason You Shouldn't Have Missed BEA This Year - Litographs

Deb from Readerbuzz brings us more content and pictures from the BEA floor today!


I saw the bowl first.

It was a bowl of tattoos.

Now I have resisted getting a tattoo until now. But, by golly, these were literary tattoos.

I took the plunge.

(Here's what it says, if you can't quite read it:
"And the Queen seemed to guess her thoughts,
for she cried, 'Faster! Don't try to talk.'")

Bonus points: Can you guess what book this quote is in?

It's not just a tattoo. It's not just a literary tattoo. It's a tattoo chain.

Here's how it works:

They are trying to write the entire book of...yes, you guessed it---Alice in Wonderland---in tattoos! 

And here's what they have so far:

​Crazy cool, huh?