Saturday, May 14, 2016

LET'S DISCUSS: BookCon What If?

BookCon is taking place today in the Windy City!  

With BookCon comes lots of excitement, especially for the general public.  The place is going to be packed, lines will be long, and static may actually be in the air!!  Even if we are enjoying the big event in Chicago from the comfort of our own armchairs, we can still play what I like to call the "What If" game.  

What if I was actually in Chicago and had the opportunity to attend one or more of these amazing panels?  Which ones would I choose?

What if I was actually in Chicago, with my comfy shoes on and ready to rock the autographs of all the amazing authors?  Which of these huge autographing lines would I be willing to wait in?

What if the Windy City was just down the street from me, and I could go exploring in the booth signing line-ups?  Which ones would I make a priority?

You know you want to play!  So, start exploring these lists and share in the comments which ones you would include in your own game of "What If!"


  1. I was going to tell you but there's so much overlap...truth is as awesome as book con is, if I was there so easily? It's a lovely day and I've never been to Chicago. This would've been my explore Chicago day before catching a late flight out.

  2. I love Chicago, have been there many times!!!!
    Just looking at all the authors at bookcon, I feel so overwhelmed, trying to pick, I just don't know....I have a hard time with so many people and long lines....I almost went to this today but just couldn't. the 'so many people' issue....sigh...