Friday, May 13, 2016


Ashley, blogger at Books Buying Beauty and one of our on-site correspondents, attended the BEA Blogger Conference yesterday, and today she is here to share a detailed account of her experiences.  You do not want to miss this!


Armchair BEA Blogger Con Wrap-Up

I arrived way earlier than needed to get our badges Wednesday morning. I left my great-grandfather upstairs while I headed to the keynote speaker for Blogger Con. This was my first year attending this part of BEA and I didn't really know what to expect.

The keynote speaker Erin Loechner was interesting. I loved how she used the analogy of a backpack for hiking when talking about what to carry- or not carry- with you on your blogging journey. After breakfast and her talk I then had the tough choice of which morning panels to go to. I ended up going to “Making the Right Connections: Publishers & Bloggers” All of the speakers were amazing and offered sound advice to listeners. When it comes to requesting an ARC make sure to include your address the first time around, keep things short and to the point, list your stats so they are easy to read, and most of all if you loved- or disliked- a book before to send in a link to your review.

The second panel I went to was “United: Blogger, Youtubers and Instagrammers.” In my head I thought I was going to learn different ways to interact or include everyone on all medias but instead we heard each person talk about their experiences on their chosen site as well as the limitations and achievements they've experienced.

It was off to grab a quick lunch and sit with everyone to mingle. Lunch although pricey (what convention food isn`t?) was tasty. From lunch I ventured toward the blogger table talks. These were new this year and I would say they were fairly successful. I didn't go to every table and I did leave a little early (regretting that choice). I went to the Blogger Burnout table to discuss ways to prevent or handle feeling like quitting. I realized I'm going on 5 years of blogging and sometimes I just feel like stepping away. I learned that it's alright to do just that- take a break. I then went over to The Bookstagram Workshop to get some pointers on props and editing my photos on my phone.

After such a long day I was ready to go check on my great-grandfather and head back to rest a little. Instead I got swept upstairs and got a few books on my want list marked off. Now comes the sad news...had I stayed at Blogger Con they had books for us downstairs :/

I`d say overall the Blogger Con was a success and I would be interested in doing it again. Feel free to head over to Books Buying Beauty for Armchair BEA posts from my Co-Blogger this week and next week read all my BEA Wrap-ups and Haul. I`ll also be posting later this week about road tripping out here with my great-grandfather from California for 37 days (BEA is day 12-15 on the trip)

Ashley Mullins
Books Buying Beauty

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