Monday, May 9, 2016

An #ArmchairBEA How-To Guide!

In two days, Armchair BEA 2016 will be kicking off another great year filled with daily topics, guest posts, giveaways galore, and so much more! Before all the excitement really begins, we thought we would share a little how-to guide to aid in making Armchair BEA the most successful for you!

GET REGISTERED: If you have not already registered, you can do so here. You can also confirm that you are an official participant by checking out our 2016 Participant List here.  Please note that this list is manually updated and you will not see your name appear immediately after registering.

KNOW THE AGENDA: You can find the full agenda and schedule here. Just like last year, we have dual daily topics -- one for blogging and one for books.  Also as in past years, we will be having only one linky each day for you to link up to.  Be sure you are paying attention to the directions for linking up to make it easier for other participants to visit your contributions (more information below and also posted with each linky).

LINKING UP TO DAILY TOPICS: Daily topics will be posted at 6:00 AM EST to coincide with the BEA in real time. This is your chance to link up as well as visit all the other participants' entries. For convenience purposes, we do request that you turn off word verification for your comments during this week to allow ease of conversation for all those participating.

When linking up to daily topics, please use the following format for ease of navigation from other participants:  Name @ Blog Name - Daily Topic Represented (i.e., Sally @ Armchair BEA - Literature OR Sally @ Armchair BEA - Introduction & Diversity).  Please use only permalinks (links going directly to the designated post) when linking up.

LOOKING FOR A SPECIFIC DAILY TOPIC?:  ALL the posts throughout the week can be chaotic and the daily topics can oftentimes get lost in the shuffle.  For easy navigation, refer to our Agenda & Schedule page at the top of our website.  Everything will be linked up as it goes live right here!

PREP YOUR INTRODUCTIONS: The first day of the event, we ask that you introduce yourself using a preset list of ten questions, of which it is recommended that you answer a set number.  With hundreds of participants, this allows everyone to visit as many blogs as possible without getting too bogged down.  You can find the 2016 questions here.

TWITTER PARTIES: We are so excited to be hosting a Twitter party EVERY single day of our event this year.  Be sure to check out the full schedule here.  All Twitter parties have also been added to our official Armchair BEA Calendar.  Follow @ArmchairBEA as well as #ArmchairBEA to receive the full experience of the bookish chatter!  We also recommend using Tweetdeck or Tweetchat to follow the conversation.  It often moves very quickly and can be difficult to follow on the main platform.

INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE: We are excited to host our Instagram Challenge again this year!  Click here for more information.  

GIVEAWAYS: If you have not yet had the opportunity to visit our list of sponsors and their items available through the giveaways, be sure to check them out here. You may want to even begin making your wish list in case you are a chosen winner this week!  And, don’t hesitate to send a shout-out to any and all of our sponsors throughout the week! We will also have a couple of Featured Giveaways that will be run separately than the daily giveaways. Be watching the website for more information later this week!

GOT QUESTIONS?: If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! You are welcome to comment on the site, @ us on Twitter, or post on our Facebook page, or send us a direct email to armchairbea AT gmail DOT com.

Are you ready for another great year of Armchair BEA?!? We sure are and cannot wait to share the latest and greatest news with you as well as a multitude of surprises!! Here's to another great year!!


  1. Sorry but I'm confused. This post and twitter feed both say tomorrow (Tuesday May 10) but the agenda says posts start on Wednesday May 11.

    1. Kristina ... Great catch! That was totally my bad because I was going to originally post this on Tuesday, but changed my mind. I wanted it up sooner rather than later. I've made the change on this post and you are current that the event officially begins on Wednesday, May 11.