Monday, April 18, 2016

ABEA Agenda 2016

       ABEA 2016 is coming up fast! Here is the topic agenda that we have laid out for your participation throughout the conference. Please note that each day, we have given two topics, and with each of those we have provided a list of potential guiding questions to get you started. These are by no means a proscription of the direction you need to take your post for the day in - please feel free to take these topics in whichever directions or tangents your heart desires. And without further ado, the schedule:
5/11 - Intro & Diversity in Books
On this day, introduce yourself! A specific list of introduction questions will be posted much closer to the conference. Our secondary topic focuses on diversity in books and the publishing industry. Whose voices do we see? Whose voices do we need more of? Where do we find representation lacking and what can we as bloggers do to address that? What about negative or stereotypical representation? 
5/12 - Aesthetic Concerns I & II
Today is all about aesthetics! The first part of this topic is concerned specifically with the books, the second with our blogs. Here are some guiding questions to get you started!
The Books: How often do you judge a book by its cover? How often are you surprised by what you find? Do you strategize and make sure every book in your series has the same cover design (as far as you are able to) and type? How important is it for the visual art on the outside of the book to match or coordinate with the literature art on the inside?
The Blog: As a book blogger, in whatever form that takes, branding is important. Your colors, your fonts, your style of review, all of these things come together to make the "brand" of your blog - something that makes your reviews and posts and websites, all your various content, immediately recognizable to the people looking for you. What do you do to create a brand on your site? Do you think about these things?
5/13 - Beyond the Books & Beyond the Blog
Here on Day 3, we are moving our focus beyond the traditional format of the media we consume and create! Beyond the traditional form of the novel, what are your favorite alternative forms (graphic novels, audiobooks, webcomics, etc)? Do you have any favorite works within these alternate forms? How do you think the changing format affects the reading experience? Our secondary topic, beyond the blog could focus on the ways you engage in talking about books outside of your blog. Do you participate in book clubs, take classes, meticulously maintain your goodreads profile? Let the world know!
5/14 - Surviving Fictional Worlds & Giveaways
Today we'll talk about surviving fictional worlds. We all know that sometimes, the worlds we love in fiction can be dangerous. Which fictional worlds would you want to live in? Which worlds do you never want to dive into? Which worlds are you content to stay behind the glass, so to speak, rather than wishing to dive through the page? And once you get there, what would you do?
5/15 - Wrap-up
Share your overall thoughts on the week, list your posts for the week, and/or share your highlights or favorite posts from fellow participants, then link up!
5/16 - Closing Survey
As in past years, we want to hear your thoughts and feedback, so be sure you to stop back and take our quick survey!

Start participating now in the comments! What topics are you most excited for this year?