Friday, May 29, 2015

LIVE FROM BEA: Author Signatures

Hi everyone! This is ShelfNotes (Amber & Arianna) live from Book Expo America, finally getting a break to give Armchair a little love. We hope things have been going great for you at home and we're excited to share some of our adventures. I was wondering what we should share with you (especially based on the feedback from last year), it seemed to me that we needed to do a little something more for those of you at home. What could we bring you that you don't already know or have heard/seen? We had a mini meeting on our Brooklyn Air B&B rooftop and thought, 'Hey, maybe some people would like to see some of the Autographs! We hope you'll enjoy this and we have enough variety to cover all genres/bases.

Tomorrow look out for two Author interviews from Candlewick Press, Maggie Thrash who is coming out with a very unique graphic novel called "Honor Girl" and Pat Schmatz coming out with a very original book called "Lizard Radio". Both of these books will be giveaways during Armchair and we have a nice giveaway surprise from Maggie Thrash for a lucky reader. We can't wait to share this with you.


  1. Wow. I actually had to bite back a fangirl scream when I saw "Fairest". ^_^

  2. Armada, Seveneves, Fairest... So exciting!

  3. Armada! Whaaaaaaat. I'm so jealous right now! Now I'm inspired to do a little "Author Signatures" post of my own!

  4. Nice haul! It blows my mind that Stephenson is no longer being pegged as "the author of Snowcrash." Am I old yet?

  5. Haha, Katherine.... yeah, that is pretty crazy and no! if anyone is old, I am,

    Today I had the pleasure of waiting for about 2 hours for Felicia Day but she was totally worth it and rocked this amazing Dinosaur necklace.

    Re: Fairest - She is SO adorable!

    Oh, and did anyone notice Cline wrote a little something extra MTFBWYA? ;P