Friday, May 29, 2015

LIVE FROM BEA! 2015 - Blogger Con Panel: Tactics to Create Better Content

Thank you to Kerry for taking these notes!

My thoughts: This was billed as a "Blogging at the Next Level" panel but a lot of the info was really basic or would already be known by long-time bloggers. Also, these are notes straight from the panelists--there are some things here I'm not sure I agree with, but I've included it all!

Tactics to Creating Killer Content Fast

From Kate Rados:

  • Listen to your audience
  • Decide which pieces you want to act upon; you don't have to react to every piece of input you receive
  • Think of your space as a living beta; be prepared to be agile and responsive
  • Poll your audience--and often--to get demographic information as well as input on what readers want to see on a blog. They wanted more recommendations, so we opened our recs to non-Penguin selections.
  • Use analytics to "test the waters" on ideas and follow what has worked; i.e. images of quotes, and build out on what gets most engagement
  • Make friends with fellow bloggers and see how you van share content and collaborate.
  • See links on her Twitter profile for links to resources.

From Maura Sweeney:

  • There are no cookie cutters. Need to find what works for us. My idea for cross pollination of content is not just with individuals but with various types of media.
  • The audience is a primarily written media group, but there ideas to go beyond.
  • Do a video of your choice based on what fits your personality. Can just use your phone! So simple and you're up. Taken traditional blog and found a new group of people. Send out on Twitter and embed on your blog. Can help attract a new and diff audience.
  • Or: podcasts. Completely different demographic. I do mine on my phone in my closet. Or you can get clever, adding music etc. Find a new way to find a new angle on what you do. Reference conversations about what happened in a previous blog. Add shout-outs and quote remarks. People will share their moment of fame.
  • Create your own book club or meet up. Go to events and go around like a roving reporter and use that content as part of your podcast. Invite other voices.

From Kate Tilton:

  • Other Kate mentioned listening to your audience. As a blogger you are an author in your own right--know what you do and what your audience is interested in.
  • Twitter: connect with people and also to find new content. Ie Twitter chats. Join in events and use topics to inspire blog content. Also allows you to make connections to other bloggers.
  • Pinterest: more than just photos and a black hole for your time. Join group boards, which can act like little group boards. What are readers pinning and writing about? Embed pins in blog posts. Add visual media.
  • Contests: try to use apps for giveaways (ie rafflecopter) to save time. Cross pollinate with other bloggers.

From Nina Amir:

  • Evernote: way to clip ideas and store them for future use and inspiration. Free version has options for organization and tags.
  • Create a blog plan: most bloggers struggle with the blank screen and finding ideas. Having a plan helps you find ideas to post and helps your  readers know what to expect. I use mindforge as a mind mapping tool for this.
  • Calendar: helpful to look at a calendar and see what is scheduled and how frequently content is posted. WordPress has a plugin.
  • Templates for reviews, interviews, types of posts can help make blogging faster.
  • Create visuals: more ppl buy things off Pinterest than any other social networks. Include affiliate links. Photos are 75% of content on FB worldwide and are most engaging content on the platform. Canva, pic monkey, instaquote, tweetgram easy for creating images.
  • Scribner as a tool for blogging: organize blog posts, and learn multi-markdown language. Very simple. Write with this in Scribner and then export or compile as HTML and copy-paste into blog and it is formatted in your post--no need to spend time formatting. Can also export compiled posts as ebooks.


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