Saturday, May 30, 2015

LINK IT UP: Giveaways and Book To Movie Adaptions

ABEA 2015 is coming to a close! :'( Well, there's always next year. Don't forget to attend our final Twitter party! Also, there will be a closing survey going live on MONDAY! Please look out for it! We would really appreciate it if you could fill it out, and help us improve ABEA for next year. Also, there will be another prize drawing for those who fill out the survey. Thank you!

Daily Reminders

Instagram Challenge:

Best and Worst Book-to-Movie Adaptions
#BestMovieAdaption or #WorstMovieAdaption
Take a picture of books with the best and/or worst movie adaptions. Or, maybe you want to take a picture of the movie? A movie poster? It's up to you! Make sure you label which one is the best and which one is the worst in the comments.

Twitter Party
Use this nifty time zone conversion tool to see when the parties will take place in your time zone!
May 30th: 5:00 PM EST
*keep in mind that the dates vary depending on time zone. Please check out the time zone converter above!

Today's Topics

You host the giveaway on your own site and link it up here for all our participants to come and visit. Don’t forget to give Armchair BEA a little love when advertising, but you can choose your own guidelines and deadlines.

Book to Movie Adaptions

What books do you want to be made into a movie or television show? What are some of your favorites? We'll explore more about this topic, especially what works and what doesn't.  Are there any upcoming shows or movies that you're excited for? What are your recommendations?

How To Link Up

Please use the following format when linking up:

Name @ Blog Name - Daily Topic Represented 

For example: Sally @ Armchair BEA - Middle Grade OR Sally @ Armchair BEA - Advice & YA

Please use only permalinks (links going directly to the designated post) when linking up. If you link directly to your home page, your link will be removed.


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