Thursday, May 28, 2015

FEATURED GIVEAWAY: All the ebooks from Pen Name Publishing and French Press Bookworks

Our first FEATURED GIVEAWAY this year is brought to you by Pen Name Publishing and their imprint French Press Books – Wait until you see what they are giving away!

Pen Name Publishing Header

Pen Name Publishing is an award winning boutique publisher looking for bold stories by bold voices. We are the current recipient of the Silver eLit Award for excellence in digital publishing and design for our work on Peter Monn's "The Before Now and After Then."

Founded in 2014, we continue to push the boundaries in seeking diverse books and diverse authors. In addition to Pen Name Publishing, we have started a new imprint - French Press Bookworks - that seeks to work with authors on a one to one level. Each author is treated independently and their royalties are based on the amount of work needed to successfully complete the book, with authors taking up to 80%. Through both imprints, our main goal is to service authors they way they should be treated and make sure they always come first. We believe in building a writing community and advancing the literary world from all sides.

Now, for the giveaway details!

ONE WINNER will receive a Grand Prize that includes ebooks of ALL THE TITLES available from Pen Name Publishing and their imprint French Press Bookworks

a SECOND WINNER will receive an autographed copy of their choice from the Pen Name Publishing/ French Press Bookworks listings and a personal note from the author. 

Here are just a few of the books/ options:

Coins In The Coffee Cup    The Before Now and After Then
When Love's Knot Enough  I, Peter Wood   

To enter, simply fill out the form below.  All winners will be chosen using this one form.  The entry form is open until Monday, June 1 at 12:00 Midnight EST.  The winner will be contacted via email as well as announced here on the site once all featured giveaway winners are confirmed.  Winners will be required to confirm prize winnings within 48 hours, so be sure you are watching your email closely.  


  1. Oh, too bad! :( I live in Belgium so I can't enter.

  2. These all sound so cute, and I'm loving the covers! When Love's Knot Enough sounds especially interesting. I've had a soft spot for wedding novels for a little bit and this one sounds realistic.

  3. Fun! Definitely interested in I, Peter Wood!

  4. Coins in the coffee cup sounds amazing

  5. I live in Sri Lanka so excluded as well! pity. lovely choices

  6. Yay! In the UK, so can enter!