Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mark Your Calendars: Armchair BEA Twitter Parties are Coming!!

We are so happy to announce that, thanks to all the volunteers who signed up to help out, we have SIX Twitter Parties scheduled this year during Armchair BEA! There will be one party per day at various times throughout the day. We are hoping that you will able to attend at least one to get together with others and talk BOOKS!

Please make sure to follow us at @ArmchairBEA and use the hashtag #ArmchairBEA.

Here is the full schedule: 
Mon 5/26 Evening 7pm EST 
Tues. 5/27 Afternoon 4pm EST 
Weds. 5/28 Morning 10 am EST 
Thurs. 5/29 Morning 8am EST 
Fri. 5/30 Evening 9pm EST 
Sat. 5/31 Evening 7pm EST 

We will begin each party discussing our daily topics scheduled for that day, and will then branch out our conversations from there.  Each of these parties as well as the designated topics for each can be found on the Armchair BEA Official Calendar, and easily added to your own calendar to receive personal reminders.

We have lots of great prizes from our sponsors that we will be giving away throughout each of these parties!

We look forward to tweeting with you!


  1. I'll only be unable to participate fully on Wednesday and Thursday. But hopefully I can still follow some of the chatter :)

  2. Ooh, I will try to join these the rest of the week . . . I have never been to a "Twitter party" before!