Friday, May 30, 2014

LIVE FROM BEA: Author Interview with Bette Lee Crosby

Our very own Sheila of Book Journey was able to meet with one of our sponsors, Bette Lee Crosby at BEA!  Read on for more information.


Bette Lee Crosby is at BEA for the first time promoting her seventh book, Previously Loved Treasures.  This book is the follow up to The Twelfth Child and is Bette's seventh published book with Bent Pine Publishing.

Previously Loved Treasures is a beautifully covered book about a young woman trying to rebuild her life and discovers an unusual second hand store where there the owner seems to anticipate her every need.

"I never meant to write a series," Bette says with a laugh, "But when I came to the end of The Twelfth Child, I realized I was not done with these characters."  

Bette's advice to anyone who wishes to write, "Be demanding of yourself and true to yourself.  If you fall in love with the book - your readers will too!

Bette is at BEA this week with her husband and is surprised at what a big show it is. 

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Thank you Sheila & Bette!


  1. I had an opportunity to read and review one of Betty's many books. She is a top-notch Southern Belle for sure, who writes clean stories that are engaging and witty. Love her!

  2. I have a copy of Jubilee's Journey and I'm eager to read it! Thanks for sharing more about the stories.

  3. I have one of Bette's books on the way am really looking forward to reading it!

  4. Bette is such a lovely person and I LOVE her books. Every book has a fantastic storyline.

    I am excited there is a sequel to The Twelfth Child.