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GUEST ARTICLE: Authors on Bloggers

Today, one of our topics of discussion is interacting with authors.  Many of our participants are bloggers and will be chatting about their personal interactions with authors.  But, what about the other perspective?  Well, thanks to one of our sponsors, Patchwork Press and their authors, we are excited to share a this point of view!  Below we feature a handful of quotes directly from authors on the topic of bloggers.  Let's walk a moment in their shoes.

I love interacting with bloggers and meeting new readers that share the same interests as I do. Not only do they recommend great books to read, they also go out of their way to share news and upcoming release information about my novels. One of my favorite interactions was during an online book tour when several book bloggers read Aberrant and then created an interview with a character from the story. It’s a great way to learn a little more about the characters in the book and often times includes some fun facts that isn’t always possible to slip into the story. – Ruth Silver
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There is nothing I hold in higher esteem than an interactive author. I think it is spectacular when an author who is connected with the blogging community. Not only is it a smart connection to make — they have the attention of your potential readers, after all — but it is also a truly rewarding experience. I have yet to come across a book blogger who is anything less than grateful and enthusiastic about every book they read. Even if they aren’t a fan of the title and give it a low star rating, they’re genuine and constructive about their criticism (which surely softens the blow of a bad review).
I think the best advice I’d give for authors is to be as available as possible to book bloggers. I try to make myself approachable and open for any blogging opportunity, be it a guest post, interview, or feature. Be helpful and provide them the information they need, and you’ll be guaranteed to make a friend in the blogosphere! If you’re not easily to get a hold of (meaning: don’t answer @’s on Twitter, comments on Facebook, or promptly respond to emails), you may just miss a great opportunity to connect!
The most unique experience I’ve ever had with a blogger was being featured on Chiara’s blog, Books for a Delicate Eternity. It wasn’t as a writer, but instead as a cover designer. I first connected with Chiara when Ignite was going out, and ever since then, I’ve had numerous conversations with her (and many other bloggers) that have encouraged me and made a great impact on the reach of my books. It was great to see that she was a fan of not only my writing, but also the covers I was designing. Just goes to show you that when you make genuine connections with bloggers and establish a relationship where you are giving more than you are taking, they’ll start to care not just about your career as an author, but also about you as a person, and then you might just have found a reader for life! – Erica Crouch
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I started out in the book blogger world, and was reviewing titles for about two years before I ever published a book of my own. It was definitely surreal being on the other side of the table. It gave me a whole new appreciation for everything that book bloggers do for the literary community. I can easily point to a handful of bloggers whose enthusiasm for my books got me through some really rough patches. For me, those are the bloggers who stick out for me, the ones who are genuinely interested in what they’re doing and love books as much as I do. We’re all part of the same community, and that’s what makes this so fun! - Kellie Sheridan
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I LOVE book bloggers! They are truly dedicated to spreading the word about good books, regardless of genre, subject matter, or publisher. They're adventurous readers who will take chances for the sake of possibly finding their next great book love, and sharing it with others. When I debuted as a self-published author nearly a year ago, I nervously sent out dozens of emails to book bloggers asking them to do an early read of my book. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when almost all of them responded with enthusiasm and more support than I could have asked for.
Now, one of my favorite parts of the publication process is reaching out to my book blogging friends and planning giveaways, tours, interviews, and guest posts - for myself and for author friends whose work I think they would enjoy. I  book bloggers! – Leigh Ann Kopans
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As an Indie author, there is one group of people I owe a huge thanks to for jump-starting my career; book bloggers.  They are the agents of the Indie world, introducing relatively unknown pieces of work to the world and giving them a platform – and a chance – to shine. Without book bloggers, my series definitely wouldn't be where it is today.
Throughout my interaction with book bloggers, I've come to realize that running and managing a blog takes a lot of hard work! Book bloggers invest themselves in each and every book they read, take time to write funny, insightful, or just spot-on reviews, and they sometimes take harsh criticism for what they do. They have to be creative, artsy, have plenty of technical know-how and most of all they have to be dedicated. 
In a lot of ways, book bloggers are a lot like Indie authors, but I am often left wondering, why do they do it? For Indie authors, there is usually an end goal such as furthering their writing career.  Many book bloggers start their blog simply as an outlet to express their feelings about books, or as a way to open up discussions about books they've read, and simply to reach out to people who have similar interests.
The awesome thing about book bloggers is that for the vast majority of them the countless hours they spend blogging and interacting simply boils down to one reason; for the love of the craft. – Terra Harmony
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  1. I love seeing all these positive comments! Sometimes it seems what I hear the most is the more negative things. Glad to hear how much these authors appreciate the blogging community!!

  2. Great post! I love hearing what authors think of bloggers.

  3. As a book blogger and as a writer, it is great to hear that the authors appreciate the effort we put in and that they really do feel like bloggers play a role in things.

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

  4. This is super helpful - I'm somewhat shy, and always hesitant about reaching out to authors, more than just a Tweet, anyway. It really helps to hear how much authors appreciate hearing from readers/bloggers!

  5. I have to say that I think book bloggers and authors make the best kind of team...working together to spread the love of books and reading!

  6. author / blogger connxns are a powerful duo !
    insightful comments - appreciated ! TY =)

  7. As an author and a book blogger myself, I just love working with both. Not only is it a fantastic way of meeting likeminded people, it's a great promotion tool too! I LOVE what I do so much :)