Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FEATURED GIVEAWAY: Branding Tools Courtesy of Kriss Morton

Welcome to another FEATURED GIVEAWAY, this time courtesy of Kriss Morton.  Please note that these giveaways are separate from our daily giveaways and more information can be found on the giveaway and entry details below.  Without further ado . . . 


Kriss Morton, who is known in the book blogging world as Cabin Goddess has been doing graphic design for over 15 years. In the last two years she has been working close with her own company The Finishing Fairies, is the main graphic designer for Lady Reader’s Book Tours, paranormal romance author Tmonique Stephens and a freelancer for Orangeberry Tours. In the last six months she has branched out and started doing cover design, social media graphics, logo design, print and swag design, as well as web design for authors and bloggers alike. Rachel Thompson’s #MondayBlogs hired her to create a new logo and companion graphics.

Her degree is in English Literature and New Media Journalism with a focus on design and photography. She trained to do inkjet print design and inkjet printing for her local community. From business cards to 30 foot event banners.

When she is not playing in her Adobe sandbox with her digital paintbrush she can be found reading, being herded by her cat, writing her own books and creating amazing food in her small kitchen. She really does live in a cabin lost in the woods of Interior Alaska and frequently has to shoo moose off the porch to get to the outhouse.

Connect with Kriss:
Cabin Goddess (main page - reviews, interviews, Alaska, recipes, cabin living) 
The Finishing Fairies (author image management)


Every author, blogger and even anyone with a social media presence needs and desires beautiful looking graphics. My authors and other clients are so thrilled with their tour graphics I get orders for other swag and print versions of their banners. My prize is for an ebook and wrap around design for a cover (basic cover $125 which includes stock) for authors OR for authors or bloggers a social media special graphics package which can include the following or talk with me for what you need. Authors are not the only one who needs branding.

1 - ebook+wrap around design (basic package/limited)


1 - Social media graphic package (for the purpose to help brand your author/blog FB/Google/, Twitter (old & new layout). Includes avatar 1x1 ratio (sized right for twitter also)
1 - 5 graphic quotes (use for promoting favorite quotes, book quotes for authors, fun for bloggers too.)
1 - ad package (up to 3 sizes + FB cover image ad)
1 - blog banner and button package

(estimated $75 - $125 value)


 To give you a little idea about her work, we have included a handful of collages!


To enter, simply fill out the form below.  The entry form is open until Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 12:00 Midnight EST.  The winner will be contacted via email as well as announced here on the site once all featured giveaway winners are confirmed.  Winner will be required to confirm prize winnings within 48 hours, so be sure you are watching your email closely.

Thank you so much Kriss!


  1. Wow! What an AMAZING Giveaway! I would LOVE some buttons!!! Boy, do I need help! I've tried and tried and tried, and I just can't get it right! I love my top border photo, but I do need a button, and I want to learn how to make one, too, so I can make them to be able to run Giveaway Hops for whatever blogs want to sign up! I got 3/4 of the way ONE time, but got stuck on the coding! I was pretty darned proud of myself, though!! But I am still stuck on that last coding part!
    I also was considering the social media aspect of your giveaway, too, as it is kind of messy on my blog, but it works! That's the important part!
    Thank you SO much for offering such GREAT prize packages!
    Laurie Carlson

  2. PS. You do BEAUTIFUL work!!
    Sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous message.
    Laurie Carlson