Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Join the Armchair BEA Interactive Community!

We have an exciting announcement for you about Armchair BEA 2014!  Before I share it with you though, let me just say a few words on where the idea originated . . .

Every year that we have held Armchair BEA, we have asked participants to complete a closing survey to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions.  We read every single response and take notes for future years.  One of the changes that we are making this year is to add a more interactive community that is more conducive to discussing our topics during the week of Armchair BEA, but also beyond the specified dates of the event.  

As the title suggests, we have added a Google + Community to aid in this interactive piece for 2014!  We envision this place to be where you can chat about certain topics, ask questions of your fellow bloggers, and to further the conversation.  You can even expect official threads for each of our topics this year, including a special introduction thread coming soon.  We do NOT see it as a place to post self promotional links or to spam our fellow members.  If this happens, the posts will be removed as well as the guilty members.  We want this to be a positive place for you to come and chat about books and blogging from your comfy armchair.

Be sure to click here and request to join.  You can also find a direct link located on our right sidebar for easy reference.

We hope that you will join us in enhancing the Armchair BEA Community!

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