ELDER ROAD DAILY GIVEAWAY: Pebblehoof by Jason Black

8:00 AM Tif Sweeney 0 Comments

It’s another daily giveaway thanks to Elder Road Books! Today I bring you Pebblehoof by Jason Black! 

This middle-grade historical adventure follows a 10-year-old girl homesteading with her parents in Nebraska, 1863. She finds friendship with a wild horse her only relief from the drudgery and danger of life on the prairie. But when a railroad baron decides the shortest path would be through her parents’ homestead, can the girl and her horse save the homestead and find a way to defy the most powerful man in the territory? 

For the next 24 hours only (deadline: Sunday, June 2, 2013 at 8:00 AM EST), you can receive your very own e-copy of Pebblehoof by Jason Black. Send email to elderroad@comcast.net, subject: Pebblehoof Giveaway. Indicate Kindle or ePUB version. 

For more information on Elder Road Books, visit Nathan Everett's website, Writer's Cramp.

Thank you to Elder Road Books for sponsoring this giveaway!