Friday, May 31, 2013

The Ethics Committee Meets Today

Disclosure. Copyright and credit. Plagiarism. Succeeding without selling out. The path of ethical blogging is strewn with pebbles and potholes and thorny patches.

We're getting back into discussion mode in a big way today with the topic of "Ethics in Blogging." What guidelines must we follow as bloggers--attribution, disclosure, honesty? Have you had an experience with plagiarism (victim or perpetrator?), and how did you deal with it? Do you have recommendations to new bloggers about how to ensure that credit is given to whom/where it's due?

The Ethics Committee is being called together. Please post your experiences with and opinions about the ethical dilemmas we encounter as bloggers, link up, and continue the conversation!

Our bookish conversation today concerns the broad realm of Non-Fiction. We'll have a link tool in the lead discussion post so that you can share your own thoughts about the types of nonfiction you're compelled to read...and if there aren't any, talk about why not!


  1. what I want to know too is what rules do you have to follow when setting up your blog with affiliate links? Thanks for discussing this important topic, sometimes its hard to decipher what the right thing to do is.

    1. i'm with tanya re- affiliation. what are things we should be aware of before making mistakes or unintentionally choosing an unbeneficial affiliation..
      just wondering..

  2. Fantastic topic! It's definitely important and something that needs to be discussed.

  3. What a tough topic it was today! Both of them, actually. A lot to think about. Can't wait to check out some of the blog posts.

  4. Bah, damn school. I want to stay home and go through all these posts because it's such an important topic.

  5. Interesting! Never really thought about this subject I'm just a simple reader. Love reading all the different post and views on different subjects. Thanks for the ponder.

  6. oops! scrolled down too quickly adding my nonfic link here instead of there - sorry!! );

  7. Great topic for today's discussion. I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's posts.

  8. oops, I somehow missed the link-up for this yesterday. I saw the armchair BEA ethics post, but missed the link up, D'oh!