Thursday, June 7, 2012

Winners from Day 3

Winners from Day 3

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Twitter Winners

  • 1) @lexley
  • 2) @AneeqahNSRL
  • 3) @bostonbibliophl
  • 4) @rachelnseigel
  • 5) @thebookmystress
  • 6) @lrpresley
  • 7) @GoreLenore
  • 8) @sarberry
  • 9) @Booklover1988
  • 10) @Between_Covers
  • 11) @jenni_elyse
  • 12) @CourageousGrace
  • 13) @Chrisbookarama
  • 14) @chiefmatekate
  • 15) @OtherwhereCo
  • 16) @missbonnie13
  • 17) @neabarabea
  • 18) @randomvickers
  • 19) @imabookshark
  • 20) @silverlight00
  • 21) @BurtonReview

Awesome Commenter's
Violette @ The Mystery Bookshelf 
Melanie @ Melanie's Musings

Sarah Reads to Much
Rachelle Lerner
Kristine Asselin: Writing for Real
Colette@A Buckeye Reads
Nina Reads
Jasmine@the Bookish Mama
Catie@Movies in my Head
Marg @The adventures of an Intrepid Reader
Smash Attack Reads
Mckenna @Young at Heart
Peggy@Pawing through Books
Michelle Bierbeck
Michelle @ The Book addict
Natalie@ Mindfulmusing
Ephrielle@Hope love Happy ending
Valerie@Stuck in Books
Heather @between the covers
Dayna@A Tapestry of words
Faith Hope & Cherry Tea
Jenn@Little Bird reads
Shannon @ Literati Literacy Library
Kai( Fiction state of mind)
Angela @ Reading Angel
Kaitlyn in Bookland
Penelope@ Reading Fever
Laura @ Bunny Tales
Cupcake: Cupcake book cupboard
DogEared & Bookmarked
Jess@ the cozy reader
Thinking cat

Winners only please fill out this form. Congrats and Happy Dance for you.


  1. Thank you very much! I had fun at the Twitter party.. (@BurtonReview)

    I have filled in the form!

  2. Yay thanks so much! I'm super excited :)

  3. Oh wow! Thx so much.


  4. Wicked thankful! And especially happy that you added the social marketing links for all these pubs/authors on the giveaway page.

  5. Thanks so much for all you've put into this event! It's been a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the Twitter party!

  6. Thanks so much, that's awesome!! :)

  7. Thank you so much! This is an amazing event :D I had so much fun at the twitter party!

  8. I would just like to point out that that dance is the cutest thing ever! :)

  9. The dance was adorable :P

    I had a lot of fun at the twitter party :) Thanks for having it.

  10. Winner winner chicken dinner! Thank you!

  11. Thanks so much! Totally did my own happy dance (to which the man gave me a weird look)