Friday, June 8, 2012

The Future of Blogging

The Future of Blogging. Has anyone ever been given such an ominous post title? Here I am sitting in my pajamas ready to write this post and schedule it for a future date. The word future itself leads one to think about myriads of possibilities. These few fancies I have dreamed up for book bloggers are based on my ability to watch and evaluate trends.
Dear bloggers, fear me for I am the modern day blogger Nostradamus and my predictions always come true. Except for when they don’t, so you may want to take this whole post with a grain of salt.
On one hand I can end this post here by stating that the Mayan calendar ends this year and not much will change organically between now and then. I think that the Armchair committee would call for my head on a pike if that was the entirety of my post so I suppose I shall pontificate a bit more. You know, just in case the Mayans are wrong.
1. More organic-
I see bloggers getting back to their roots. Caring less about ARCs and swag and more about being a legit place for people to find real recommendations for great books. There will be less IMM and more thought. (This may be more of a wish than a real prediction.)
2. Bloggers doing incredible things-
Bloggers are finally being considered more than just a simple marketing tool. Every day we are shaping the publishing industry. Be it a call to arms for a cover injustice or a plea for a wonderful book not getting the attention it deserves bloggers are an integral part of getting things done. I see bloggers accepting actual paying positions within the ranks of the publishing industry and using their knowledge to better blogger/publisher/author relations.
3. Microblogging-
Tumblr, Twitter, even Facebook status messages are becoming the preferred means of communication for many of us who work daily online. I foresee less lengthy articles and less self hosting. The internet is a giant mass of ever changeable energy and people already are loathe to read more than 500 words at a time on their computers. Microblogging will be a call to arms for those who want to continue with a large readership.
4. Community-
More community involvement and celebrations. There are so many bloggers now around the web that focus on reading and all these movie blockbusters and T.V. shows are making reading a lucrative pastime instead of the thing that nerds do. I see leaders of the blogging community reaching out and creating events that are more than memes and less about blog hits. I want to know all of you!
5. Niche-
I think a lot of blogs (especially those that adopt microblogging) will niche further than ever before. Going back to the organic roots thing I think that bloggers will want to engage. We will see less ARC, Giveaways, and such and get super smart but narrowed focus discussions.
More importantly, what do you guys think? Do you have any predictions for blogging? Have you already implemented some of my predictions? Does this dress make me look fat?
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  1. This was a great post! I liked it! And I definitely think micro-blogging may become bigger in the future but I love doing a short review and linking to a larger one. A bit of love for everyone - yes?

    Also, though please don't quote me on this because I haven't done the research, I heard the Mayan "end of the world" has already happened as they never had leap years on their calendar… #justsaying

    I like niche, community and organic outlook of things. If this is, indeed, where the blogging world will go, I want to be a part of it.

    Thanks for this post today Pam! :-)

  2. Just realised the irony of microblogging become bigger. ;) You know what I mean, of course! Haha.

  3. Great post! I think if the future of blogging is anything like this I will be happy.
    I tried to say it in my post today, but you said it so much better, I think book-blogging should be less about reviewing the newest, most popular books and more about talking about the books each blogger actually wants to read even if they are in a very distinct segment of the book world.

  4. I agree with you that "word of mouth" is probably getting smaller. People are more likely to pick up a book based on a FB status saying This book is great because 1,2,3...rather than reading a lengthy review.

  5. This is a good post! When I think about the future of blogging, I think about the size of the blogging community. Many young people nowadays do blogging, whether it's "traditional" blogging or microblogging. I may be wrong, but I can foresee book bloggers blogging about more specific issues. For example, now, writing book reviews is the common, "accepted" thing. When we are introduced to a book blogger, we immediately think of him/her writing book reviews. In future, I think this assumption wouldn't work. Just my 2p.

  6. Great post.

    I don't know what the future of blogging is, but I do know it's something none of us can even imagine at this point. Much like everything "big", some off shoot would that no one would have thought (ex: the browser back button, Twitter, etc.) would probably take off.

    What I do foresee is bloggers becoming a unified force and taking over local journalism.

  7. I am a "Newbee" at blogging but I love to read books and thought why not share about them-thus my blog -Paula's Thoughts came about...
    I found this site today on FB with Julie Lessman and so glad I did, looks fantastic and I want to know more. I love The Seekerville post.
    Oh and too I love the big chair at the top of post and want it for my reading room...
    Paula O(

  8. "Be it a call to arms for a cover injustice or a plea for a wonderful book not getting the attention it deserves bloggers are an integral part of getting things done."

    This would be so wonderful!!

  9. I used to care a lot about ARCS but.. I just don't anymore. I don't need swag and all that jazz (although I do particularly like autographed books...)

    What I do like, though, is being acknowledged by the author (better than any PHYSICAL thing, really...) and making new friends. Heck, I just like feeling included. Feeling a part of something is a hell of a lot better than being alone with a ton of stuff. Nothing physical can quite feel better then feeling like what you say matters to someone and influences others.

    I loved this blog post. I couldn't agree more.

  10. i so agree ..
    one of the groups i review for has caught this well, requesting brief reviews that would rather pique the potential readers' interest than lengthy rewrites of the story! i appreciate that as i know i won't read a book length blog post myself!

    and tweeting, fb posts of author's debuts and book offers have been very successful for me both in increasing followrs and responses.

    great post! TY :)

  11. I agree that microblogging (or writing more, but shorter posts) is becoming bigger - short attention spans (oh man, who's read FIRST AMONGST SEQUELS by Jasper Fforde? We're having a shortened now due to the end of time!!!) And bloggers will have more "niche" work in a genre.

    I think bloggers are also doing more to "break" news in their areas, covering local events, etc. and this is going to fill the gap lost when newspapers cut their book pages.

    It will wave, too - older bloggers will be more settled, feel less pressure to snag the coveted ARCs or swag, or read backlist while newer bloggers will have the enthusiasm to "do it all" so to speak.

  12. I liked the post especially "a plea for a wonderful book not getting the attention it deserves bloggers are an integral part of getting things done." It would be nice if people who have actually read a book make it a better seller rather than hyped-up news media creating controversy about a title and thus forcing it to the forefront. (Just my opinion)

  13. I hope the future of blogging is back to basics and returning to the organicness (yes, I made up that word) of it all. I am overwhelmed with the swag and don't pursue that anymore. I want my blog to continue to reflect me and my book passions, whatever they may be.

  14. Wow. I love your thoughts. Especially the part of some bloggers getting hired on. Wouldn't that be awesome. *happy dreaming*

  15. I think more of the news media and the rest of the world will take notice of us and we will be more valued. I went to the Cspan truck while they were taping booktv and asked if they have bloggers and she said sometimes. I think she was
    Stretching the truth. People value our insights into what we read and eventually we will become rock stars. Or at least respected.