Thursday, June 7, 2012

DAILY GIVEAWAY: The Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett

Elder Road Books (formerly known as Long Tale Press) is back AGAIN for another daily 24-hour ebook giveaway!! Can you believe it?!? This one comes from the mind behind the publishing company itself, Nathan Everett. Be sure to check out his social media site for more information on this book, the soon-to-be released new website for Elder Road Books, and other upcoming releases. 

The Gutenberg Rubric by Nathan Everett 

Did Gutenberg leave a secret? 

Just months before the famous Bible that bears his name was finished, Johannes Gutenberg was sued by his business partner for misappropriating funds for a private enterprise. When Gutenberg refused to share the secret project, the court awarded the entire Bible-printing operation to Johan Fust, leaving Gutenberg with nothing but his secret. Was it an alchemical formula? A heretical treatise? A new technology? Or something far more dangerous? Why would Gutenberg risk everything? 

Brilliant, eccentric professor Keith Drucker and rare books librarian Madeline Zayne are reluctant heroes in a centuries-old search for Gutenberg’s secret. Crossing continents to follow clues from an encoded rubric and stolen manuscript, the couple face injury and encounter arcane rituals and biblio-terrorism as they race to find the fabled treasure. 

 But if they find it, will they survive to tell the world? 

For the next 24 hours only (deadline: June 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm EST), you can receive your very own e-copy of Everett's adult thriller. Simply email with the subject line GUTENBERG and specify eBook format (ePUB, MOBI, or PDF).

Many thanks to Elder Road Books for another fabulous daily giveaway!


  1. I have a nook. What version of ebook format would I request then?

  2. I love these kinds of mysteries. I can't wait to read it!

  3. so enjoying your offers and your choices!
    bless you...