Friday, May 27, 2011

This Just In: Author video with Katrina Kittle

Thanks to a few of our fantastic Sponsors we've had the chance to take a look inside what's going on at BEA as the show unfolds. Now, they've taken it one step further and provided us with some fantastic video shout-outs from some incredible authors! Thank you so much!

This time we have the pleasure of sharing with Armchair BEA participants a wonderful video from Katrina Kittle, author of Reasons to Be Happy, a new Young Adult novel due out in the Fall. She's stopped by to say hello to Armchair BEA participants and give us a little insight into her new book! Take a look!

Hannah's parents are glamorous Hollywood royalty, and sometimes she feels like the ugly duckling in a family of swans. After her mother's tragic death, Hannah's grief is compounded by her desperate need to live up to her mother's image. She tries to control her weight through Bulimia, and her devastated father is too distracted to notice. The secret of her eating disorder weighs heavily on Hannah, but the new eighth grade Beverly Hills clique she's befriended only reinforces her desire to be beautiful. The only one who seems to notice, or care, that something is wrong is Jasper, the quirky mistfit.

Thank you so much to our Sponsor Sourcebooks for arranging this video! Find Katrina Kittle at her website and on Twitter for the latest updates and info on her books!

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  1. oooh, i read Kittle's The Blessings of the Animals last year and really enjoyed it. i didn't realize she had a new book coming out!

    and love her message. i hope we all get to join them next year, too.