Friday, May 27, 2011

This Just In: Author video with Daphna Ziman

Thanks to a few of our fantastic Sponsors we've had the chance to take a look inside what's going on at BEA as the show unfolds. Now, they've taken it one step further and provided us with some fantastic video shout-outs from some incredible authors! Thank you so much!

This time we have the pleasure of sharing with Armchair BEA participants a wonderful video from author Daphna Ziman. She's sharing a bit about her new book The Gray Zone and giving a warm welcome to Armchair BEA participants. Take a look!

Synopsis for The Gray Zone by Daphna Ziman
 A terrified single mother must travel through hell and back to clear her name and protect her children from their maniacal father. Kelly Jensen is only six years old when she witnesses her mother's murder and her father's wrongful conviction. Thrown into foster care, Kelly is both abused and neglected, and by age fifteen she is a runaway, relying on her street smarts to become a master at identity theft. Kelly accepts the marriage proposal of a man who she thinks can offer her a better life, only to fall victim to his vicious enslavement. Years later, estranged from her husband and struggling to support her children, Kelly becomes a suspect in the murder of her lover, a congressman. Defence attorney Jake Brooks finds Kelly irresistible, and his obsession leads him to risk his own career to help her. Together, the two uncover a sordid link among immoral foster care parents, high rollers in Vegas, politicians, Kelly's husband, and law enforcement itself. Kelly ultimately takes fate into her own hands - in the grey zone that exists outside the black-and-white world of the legal system.

Thank you so much to our Sponsor Daphna Ziman and Marissa at JKS Communications for arranging this video! Find Daphna Ziman at her website and on Twitter for the latest updates and info on her books!

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  1. This book is on my shelf and I cannot wait to get to it.