Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Panel Discussion with Armchair BEA Organizers

As Armchair BEA continues to expand and look into new ways to incorporate the book blogging world at home into what's happening in the publishing industry we've decided to add a new feature to our Annual event: Live Panel Discussions! 

Being our first year we are anticipating two live panel discussions and hope to add more to future Armchair BEA events. Tonight will mark the first panel: A panel discussion with the Armchair BEA organizers and past BEA attendees.

When: Tonight, May 25,2011 at 9pm EST

Where: Talkshoe

How: To participate and/or listen live simply follow the link above by clicking on "Talkshoe" and download their free device. This way you can ask questions live if you'd like (if not, we have another option we'll tell you about soon).

What are we planning to discuss?
  • BEA, Book Festivals & Trade Shows
  • Publisher & Blogger Relationships
  • How to Improve Book Blogging/Publisher Relationships
  • The Blogging Community Where You Live
  • Reasons Behind Why We Blog
  • and More!
As we mentioned you probably have quite a few questions about book blogging, publishers, books, and much much more and we'd love to answer your questions. If you'd like to leave a question in the comments below we will do our very best to get to each and every one. 

Remember, if you miss the panel, don't worry! It will be recorded and available for listening at a later time.

So now, ask away! We can't wait to chat with you all tonight!


  1. Exciting! I'm looking forward to it. :)

  2. Wow..thanks guys again for all the lovely work...
    I am from India and thoroughly every minute here since the time Iv got associated at Armchair BEA (a little over a week now).
    Many of the titles I see here are not widely available in India/book lovers are not aware of it.I loved so many of the books I found on various blogs here,but sadly,we did not have much info about it in India,so had not got to read it..I wanted to ask if you could suggest me a way to get in touch with these publishers and if I can do some reviews/ARCs on my blog.This would help make these titles reach out to many more people in India.
    Thanks...Wishes from India..Debolina

  3. Wow...looking forward to this, too. Will be sure to have the plate clear so I can be there. Thanks!

  4. Hopefully I can get it together and participate.

  5. I'm bummed I won't be able to listen live. Happy to hear it will be recorded! Sorry to miss it though :(. ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  6. Thanks for recording the panel. I hope to listen to it tomorrow since I'll be in bed by 9PM. Gotta catch the shut eye when I can with the infant in the house.

  7. Questions (will listen to the recorded if I can't make it!)

    --Some advice on staying motivated when social networking doesn't seem to get you anywhere.

    --Establishing rapport with publishers when requesting review copies & when is the appropriate time to follow-up after a request has received no response.

  8. do you have any pet peeves concerning bloggers?

  9. Most enjoyable! Thanks all.....and I just want to say I'm jealous of Utah, too. No. Really. I am. lol!