Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes with Walden Pond Press at BEA

Armchair BEA has some fantastic Sponsors this year! Not only have they been generous with their offerings to our participants, but some are even providing us an exclusive look at the event happening in New York! Thank you so much!

Courtesy of the fabulous Kellie at Walden Pond Press we have some exclusive photos direct from the panel for Guys Read: Thriller at BEA as well as a special message to Armchair BEA participants! Do make sure to take a look as this book (as well as a few others) can be found on our Sponsors page, which means you may just take one home yourself!

A little bit of background - Jarrett showed up to the event dressed in a red leather suit complete with sparkly silver glove on his left hand. The "story" goes that when Jon called Jarrett to do the event, he "thought" he was doing a Michael Jackson Thriller promotion, hence the suit and the Thriller record he was holding (which was also on display during the panel and at the signing). This also explains why he is referred to as "confused" below :). Unfortunately the video message didn't quite work, but that's okay! Here's what they wanted to tell us:

"Hello Blogoverse! I'm Jon Scieszka, this is Matt de la Pena and Jarrett "confused" Krosoczka and we're here promoting Guys Read: Thriller!"
Panel discussing Guys Read: Thriller and more!

About the book, Guys Read: Thriller
Inspired by the Guys Read initiative, aimed at hooking up young guys with books and authors they love, Guys Read: Thriller is the second book in Jon Scieszka’s definitive library for boys. A collection of ten mystery and thriller stories from some of the best authors writing for guys, Guys Read: Thriller delivers detectives, spooks, cryptids, snakes, pirates, smugglers, a body on the tracks, and one terribly powerful serving of fried pudding. What more could a guy ask for?

Thank you again to Walden Pond Press! Find them on Twitter and on Facebook so you don't miss any new fantastic books coming out soon!  


  1. Jarrett was twittering about his MJ jacket and I thought he was kidding. Love the whole Guys Read movement by Jon Scieskza.

  2. Hahaha, love the story behind Jarrett's outfit! Thanks for the behind the scenes look!

  3. I totally saw these guys signing at BEA. They were such a hoot!

  4. Walden Press ROCKS, lol. As do the three in the photos!

  5. That is hilarious! I love the idea behind these books and I'm glad that the authors are working so hard to promote them. :)