Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BEA Vlog: Day 3

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today was the first day on the floor, and the first day of autographing. It was noisy, it was crazy, and it was fun. However, the best part is meeting awesome bloggers, because they rock.

Here is what I was up to today:


  1. I love all the gorgeous ARC's!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky!

  2. Ahhhh...poor Emily! Your phone!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it shows up tomorrow. :o)

    So glad to hear they talked about Au Revoir Crazy European Chick! I LOVED that book! (Got it on Net Galley)

    Have a great day tomorrow and good luck!

    PS...love the shout outs from bloggers/authors/publishers/etc.

  3. So jealous of Forever!

    How fun for you. Hope you find your phone :(


  4. Aw, sorry about your phone! Hopefully you'll find it tomorrow.

    I love the piles of ARCs you got! Oh, and I would love to see more author shout outs, plus maybe some pictures/video inside the convention center so we can see what it would be like to be there! :)

  5. Haha you guys are funny! Looks like your having a good time I hope u find your phone tomorrow!! Loved the huge pile of arcs you got omg!! Id love to see some video on the event floor with the crowds just too see what you all are seeing :)

  6. Awe fun! Those are some awesome books! Glad youre enjoying yourself, despite all the crazy! Hope you find your phone!

    And I'd love more bloggers, authors, etc shout outs! :)

  7. That stack of books made me drool!!! Hope you find your phone! And I'd really like more author shout outs, thanks for everything!

  8. I'm sorry about your phone, I really do hope you find it tomorrow. bad karma to the person who took/picked it up for themselves and didnt turn it in to the lost & found (if there even is a lost and found) but i hope you do find it.
    If its okay, when you are able to take videos... ive never been to BEA before and I would love to see how it looks. Like could you stand it one open spot, hold the camera and do like a 360 degree view LoL am i asking too much? i just want to see the look and feel of the place BEA is being held.. Thank so muh. and if you cant, it's oki dai. =)
    Hope you guys are still having fun!!

  9. Poor Emily!!! I hope you find your phone tomorrow!!

    I love how much fun you are having with these vlogs. They are a blast to watch. You are definitely doing a great job as our on-sight reporter!

  10. Sorry about your phone! I've never been to BEA anything you can show is fine.

  11. You guys make me laugh. :)

    I'd love to see more shout outs from authors and bloggers.
    Also, I'd love to see the scenery! I've never been to BEA, but I really want to know what it looks like and how big it is! :)

  12. This was my favorite vlog so far - you made me laugh! Glad you are having a great time (even though you lost your phone - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!)

  13. Uncommon Criminals!! You are so lucky!! I hope you find your phone!


  14. I agree, it is fun to watch the videos especially since you are all being yourselves!

    Extremely jealous of all the books, but that is okay. I'll get over it.

    Would love to see other bloggers, authors and a feel for the overall experience.

    Thanks for doing these!

  15. Wishing I was there so much, but thank you for keeping us updated. can't believe you got 'forever' in your pile of books, so jealous.

    Hope you find your phone. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  16. Jealous of Forever and Scorpio Races! Hope you found your phone.

  17. Thanks for the vlog! I'd like to see videos of fellows bloggers your with! Are they having a blast too and getting tons of books?

    Good luck with your phone and have fun!