Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's an Armchair BEA, Anyway?

As May approaches, the excitement level builds among people who live and work with books - publishers, authors, booksellers, and the media, including book bloggers. Book Expo America (BEA) happens in late May every year. This year, it's taking place from Tuesday, May 25 through Thursday, May 27 in New York City, the center of the publishing world, and will be capped on Friday, May 28 by the very first (annual?) Book Blogger Convention (BBC).

If you were going to be part of all that, wouldn't you be blogging and chatting and tweeting about it too? And if you weren't going, wouldn't all that blogging and chatting and tweeting leave you feeling like you were really missing out?

A few non-BEA/BBC participants were discussing that left-out feeling on Twitter when they were hit with the realization that they didn't have to feel that way. While they might not be in New York City, meeting bloggers and authors and collecting ARCs, they could try simulating the experience virtually - and thus Armchair BEA was born!

Considering that it was born just over a week ago on Twitter, Armchair BEA is growing up fast! Over 80 people have already signed up to participate in one way or another, and since this is a virtual gathering, it won't run out of room - if you won't be in New York City next week for the "real" Book Expo America and Book Blogger Convention, you can still join us!

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