Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is Armchair BEA Central!

This is a sticky post. Please scroll down for updates!
This blog will be the communications hub for Armchair BEA (What's that? Find out right here!) Here's where we'll be announcing daily blogging themes (inspired by Book Expo America (BEA) conference sessions), giveaways hosted by participants, sign-ups for the Book Blogger Convention (BBC) agenda-topic roundtables we'll be conducting, and more. Here's where participants will be able to link to the daily theme posts on their own blogs, so you can find them easily and share your thoughts. You'll also be able to find the answers to your Armchair BEA questions! If you have any we haven't answered feel free to contact us!

We'll be posting information about the blogging themes in advance, so those who prefer to write their posts ahead of time will have the chance to do so. We'll try to get as much info up as possible this week, actually, so you can be well-prepared to participate in Armchair BEA - you just won't have to pack your bags!

We'll be using the hashtag #ArmchairBEA on Twitter, so watch for that - and please be sure to bookmark this site or subscribe to our feed, so you don't miss any important updates!

The Schedule for the Week of Arm Chair BEA:
  • Tues. May 25th - BEA Related Posts
  • Wed. May 26th - Blogger Interviews (Sorry Sign-ups for these are already closed and assignments will be posted very very soon!)
  • Thurs. May 27th - BEA Related Posts & Giveaways on Participating Sites
  • Friday May 28th - BBC Roundtables
Please make sure to check back very soon for topic suggestions and also to link up your posts on the individual days. We're so excited to have you on board! 


  1. Have it bookmarked and will contact my interviewee in the morning :)

  2. I will be reading along and I hope to participate at least a little bit. I like that you have an on site correspondent. What a cute idea!

    Snap! I should have signed up to interview someone.

  3. I have my interview in progress---it has been fun getting to know another blogger :)

  4. This is such a great idea! I have been hearing about this and had to check it out to hear more :)

  5. I didn't know this existed before today. Thanks so much for doing this!

  6. Ok, I'm late to the party, but so excited to be here!!!

  7. how is I hear about this on my way to another blog conference... and now I'm jealous STILL ???

  8. I'm here with everyone; had never heard of this before.