Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BEA Related Post Topics & Suggestions

So...you say you're ready to get typing? Excited about all the bookish information you want to share with the wonderful participants of Arm Chair BEA! Well, we thought we'd give everyone a nudge and some suggestions for their BEA Related Posts that should be going up Tuesday through Thursday. Remember you could technically post every day about a different topic, so there's no need to cover every topic in one single post.

New Title Showcase - So many new books to chose from! What new titles from this BEA event are you looking forward to? New Title Showcase by Exhibit & New Title Showcase by Category

Exhibits - BEA is full of Exhibits from Publishers to bookstores to literary agencies and publicity groups. Which ones would you make a point of stopping at from this list? BEA Exhibit List

Your Favorite Authors Sign A Book - BEA is the place for author signings, either in the main Author Signing Area or in Individual Publishing Booths. Who on this list would you make time for and why? (BEA Search Autographing Areas) If your favorite isn't on the list highlight an author that you would like to meet. Do a little research, add websites, FB pages, Twitter handles, etc. to tell us a more about them. Or even write a letter to the author, explain to us why you fell for this author.

Your Favorite Signed Book - Ever been to an author signing? Which was your favorite? Share a picture or two, even the picture of your signed book will do. If you haven't ever been to one, tell us all about your dream signing!

Name Your Dream Panel - BEA is full of discussion panels where between 3 to 5 authors/publishers discuss various topics. If you could put together your own panel who (authors/publishers only) would be on it and what would they be discussing? Need some inspiration? Take a look at the schedule from BEA: BEA Search Conferences & BEA Search Stages

Blast from the Past - During this time, a lot of new releases are going to be the focus. What if we also remembered some great books released in past years or even classics as an option? Tell us a little bit about books you've cherished, old or new.

Keeping Up the Conversation - Let's Chat! How do we get our readers involved in a good book discussion? What about comments, how do we handle commenting etiquette? How about when authors stop by, what to ask and who comments? Can we expect an author to respond to comments? A few resources to take a look at: Commenting Etiquette by Aarti at Book Lust, Dear Story Siren, Dear Story Siren - 6

Publishers - What publishers expect from bloggers and what bloggers think publishers expect? Also, how does blogging work as a driver of change in the book industry? (Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from Bloggers)

Don't worry, I know you're thinking, what about BBC? I need some help with topics for that Friday as well! We've got you covered and will have some great suggestions coming your way shortly. Until then, get typing on your BEA posts and don't forget to come back by the official Arm Chair BEA page to link up everyday!

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