Saturday, May 29, 2010

Armchair BEA Adjourned!


Only a couple of weeks ago, a few people were chatting on Twitter about celebrating from home while everyone was having fun in New York.  Next thing you know, Armchair BEA was born!  A few of us banded together, sharing ideas and contributing to getting this site up and rolling, and then spreading the word.  I don't think any of us ever thought we would end up with 170+ registered participants and literally hundreds of fabulous posts in literally only thirteen days!  Isn't it amazing how much one community can do when we all set our minds to it?  As I watched this process from the beginning, I am simply left in amazement and awe and the one word above is the only words I can come up with to explain my feelings!

On behalf of all of the organizers, we want to say . . . .


Thank you for your participation!  Thank you for your enthusiasm!  Thank you for your contributions!  Thank you for everything!  This is just another example of how awesome this book blogging community really is!!

Before we say good-bye for the week from here at Armchair BEA, I have a few last minute things to share.  However, we hope to be back next year with more fabulous topics, conversations, giveaways, and of course, parties!  And, we want your input!  If you have not done so already, please take the time to follow or subscribe to this very website.  We don't want you to miss our upcoming survey (set to be posted this afternoon) where you can leave your feedback with us as well as any future news that is to come for Armchair BEA events.  

And now, I want to leave you with a quick summary and wrap-up for the week . . . 

A Quick Summary:  Don't forget to come back and check out all the outstanding posts from the participants!

Did you win one of the fabulous giveaways?  Not sure?  Here is the list of all those that won!!  If you have not done so, be sure to contact Danielle to get hooked up!

And, we could not have these fabulous giveaways without these very kind and thoughtful sponsors!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

And, all of you who personally hosted giveaways on your own sites!

And, I cannot close out the week without thanking my fellow organizers of this event!!  You are all truly inspiring and I have learned so much from you this week!  Here's to many more years and celebrations!!

Did you wrap things up from your armchair?  If so, feel free to link it below!


  1. Thank you for allowing those of us unfortunates who couldn't experience BEA & BBC first hand to live vicariously through Armchair BEA! What a great event! I'm hoping to be at BEA in person next year, but if it doesn't work out, I will definitely be here again. Great job ladies!

  2. Thank you so much!!

    I had a great time, and am so grateful that even us so far away from all the fantastic conventions could take part in our own version of the BEA! :-)

    I had a great time, so I'll sure be here next year too!! :-)

    There were so many great and interesting/inspiring posts that they'll keep me busy for a few weeks :-) I agree, it was amazing to see so many people being active and buzzing with energy and enthusiasm in these couple of days.

    Thanks again to all of you for organising Armchair BEA, we had a blast!! :-D

  3. Thank you for thinking of the idea, organizing it, and making it happen. It's been a blast, and it definitely eased the jealousy of not going to BEA this year. You guys are awesome.

  4. THANK YOU!!! It was so much - great to experience the thrill of BEA without leaving the comfort of my home (as well as saving a few hundred dollars in my pocketbook)

    I met new-to-me bloggers, found some new books to add the list, and got some great ideas for my own future blog posts.

    You guys did an outstanding job.

    So, same time next year --- Armchair BEA 2011??

  5. I want to be there in person next year too, but if not, my Armchair is where I'll be! Armchair BEA 2011! Yah baby :)

  6. This was great - thank you all so much for all your work and organization! And I loved the buttons! :--)

  7. This was such a great idea and I was so happy to have participated! I got a lot out of it!!

  8. I can't begin to explain how much all of your hard work and this experience has done for me. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much to all of the organizers for making this happen. I am hoping to go to the real thing next year but if not, I hope we do this again!!

    Thanks also to everyone who contributed by posting. It was so much fun seeing what everyone came up with.

  10. I found out about Armchair BEA only after joining the twitter party but I'm glad I got to participate. Thank you so much to the organizers for coming up with this great idea. I hope I can join in the fun next year. :)

  11. Thank you to everyone who organized and participated in this incredible event! I cannot wait until next year!