Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Participants

The following list was originally compiled on May 17, 2010 for our original Armchair BEA event.

Vasilly                       1330v                                                
Jennifer G.                The Introverted Reader                         
Sarah Sammis          Puss Reboots: A Book Review a Day          
Lisa Munley                   Books On The Brain                               
Kara Dean                      Not Just for Kids                                     
Mary Elizabeth McLain     A Novel Idea                                      
Zee                     Notes from the North               
Florinda               The 3 R's: Reading, 'Riting, and Randomness               
Kris                              The Cajun Book Lady               
Lisa Annelouise Rentz       Eat Good Bread               
Heather                 Tales of a Capricious Reader               
Page Inman           as the page turns               
Gwen                          Chew & Digest Books               
Katy                            A Few More Pages               
Carrie Kitzmiller           Books and Movies               
Melissa Fox                    Book Nut               
Suey                             It's All About Books               
Danielle Smith (The1stdaughter)   There's A Book              
Felicia                           Geeky Blogger's Book Blog               
Melissa Taylor              Bookmarkable               
Unfinished Person          an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe)           
Rachelle Knight               Bibliobabe               
Marg                          The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader               
Jeanne                       Necromancy Never Pays               
Stephanie Ward              Laughing Stars               
rhapsodyinbooks         Rhapsody in Books               
Tara                        Love at the End of the World               
Kara Tulanko             World According to Books               
Jacqueline Simonds    Small Press World               
Meghan                   Medieval Bookworm               
Cynthia                    A Blog about Nothing               
melissa @ 1lbr          One Librarian's Book Reviews                     
Molly                       My Cozy Book Nook               
Michelle                   Michelle's Masterful Musings               
Sharla                       Winter Write               
Jen Vincent              Teach Mentor Texts               
Alipet813                  That's A Novel Idea               
kai charles                 fictionstateofmind               
Rebecca Reid             Rebecca Reads               
Iris                         Iris on Books               
Teresa                       Teresa's Reading Corner               
Alishka                      All's Fair in Love and War               
Melina                      Reading Vacation               
Kate                       The Neverending Shelf               
Emily Ellsworth          Emily's Reading Room               
Jodie                          Bookgazing               
Liz Burns                   A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy               
Chris                            book-a-rama              
J.C. Montgomery            The Biblio Blogazine               
Melissa                           My Reading Table               
Mari Partyka                   Bookworm with a View               
Nathan Everett                The Secret Life of eBooks               
Marci Catania                 Serendipitous Readings               
Kathleen                         Boarding in my Forties               
Molly                               The Bumbles Blog               
Mary Hundley                   Bookfan               
Robin McCormack            My Two Blessings               
Aths                                Books on a Rainy Day               
Tif                                   Tif Talks Books               
Marie                              Boston Bibliophile               
Nymeth                        things mean a lot               
Mindy Detweiler           A Room Without Books is Empty               
Reading Countess       Reading Countess: Random thoughts by a reading teacher       
Kate Towery              Midnight Book Girl               
Michelle Miller              The True Book Addict               
Sarah                        greenbeanteenqueen               
Callista                      SMS Book Reviews               
Charlotte                  Charlotte's Library               
Amy Jo Lavin            Ramblings of a Novice Writer               
Lynne                       Lynne's Book Reviews               
Carina                     Reading Through Life               
Tez                         Books and the Universe               
Jennifer                  Girls Gone Reading               
Ryan Groff             Wordsmithonia               
Beverly                 The Wormhole               
Alannah Javier         Pix n flix n stix               
Shelly Burns            Write For A Reader               
Valerie                     Life is a Patchwork Quilt              
ColleenFL                Colleen's Reads               
Ashley Ladd             Happily Ever After               
NotNessie               Today's Adventure               
Shannon Morgan      Daily Pie                               
Stacy                          A Novel Source
Kristen M.                We Be Reading
 Jayme                         Beachreader
Ti                                Book Chatter
Kathy Dessaro          Mommy's Reading
Hannah Young         Here Be Dragons 
Raych                           books i done read
Marcia McCulloch   Owl's Feathers
Leah (Amused)         Amused by Books
Oregon Kimm           My Eclectic Reads
Melissa                        YA Book Shelf
Ashley                          QuentinFinch
Teddy                        So Many Precious Books, So Little Time
Debnance                  Readerbuzz 
Alyce                           At Home With Books
MarlenePerez         Not of the Normal
Chelle                        Time Out
Tasha                         Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books
Sherry                        Semicolon
Joe Guillemette     Old Towne Books and Tea
Shawnee (Icedream)    Reading in Appalachia 
Jessica Williams      Novel Reaction 
Jillian                      Random Ramblings
Melissa V.            Coffee Books and Laundry
Stephanie           Reviews by Lola
Vicki VanValkenburgh
Hannah               Word Lily
Emily                  Super Reader Girl's Book Reviews
Judith               Reader in the Wilderness
Bella Franco   Beguile Thy Sorrow...
Steph               Paper Cut Reviews
Sabrina          about happy books
Jessica Marshall    sugar lover book reviews
Stormi              Books. Movies. Review. Oh my!
Beth                  Maybe Tomorrow
Laura               Tattooed Books
Squiggles        Squiggles Reviews
Stella                Ex Libris
Katie                Book Love
Holly                Book Harbinger
Robyn              The Bookoholic Zone
Jenners            Find Your Next Book Here
Janelle             Brimful Curiosities
Maggi              Mama Librarian
Kika                 The Book Bluff
Shellie             Layers of Thought
Brooke            The Bluestocking Guide
Mrs. Deraps   Deraps Reads

Melissa           Mel's Books and Info
McKenzie       The Book Owl
Okapi              The Smarty Owl
Patty               Books and Thoughts and Adventures...Oh My!
Aimee             The Alphabet Garden
Angel               Reading Angel
ReaganStar     Star Shadow
Sheri Larsen   Writers' Ally
Melissa            Flourish & Blotts
Heather           Book Addiction
Teresa              Shelf Love
Steph                StephTheBookworm
Mary Russell    Musings of a Literary Detective

Kristen             Bookworming in the 21st Century

L. Diane Wolfe    Spunk on a Stick's Tips
Erin Dealey         What's the DEAL(ey)?
Chelleyreads       Michelle & Leslie's Book Picks
Kelly Hobbs        The Book Hunter
Juju                      Tales of Whimsy

Violet                   The Eager Readers
Scarlett                Vampire Librarian
Laura                   Reading & Rooibos
Catherine            On the Nightstand